Our Vision 

To encourage children to think independently, to be passionate about what they wish to do, to value excellence. With knowledge, confidence, compassion and cheer, children must proceed to make the world a better place than they found it. Enlightened people, happy earth.

Our Mission

To achieve excellence in learning both within the classroom and beyond. To empower teachers with means to guide children to construct knowledge. To bring back an element of joy to schooling which would nudge the child to grow into full bloom.

Our Objective

The aim of the school is to produce individuals who are intellectually competent, morally sound and psychologically whole. We endeavor to foster independent thinking and provide moral values, discipline, integrity, honesty, tolerance and compassion. We provide a healthy and inspiring atmosphere and opportunities for drawing out the innate talents and potential in every child. Under the able guidance of the principal and teachers of the school has taken giant strides in academics and we hope to keep up the good work in the future also.