S.Gurjit Singh Sethi

Education is the manifestation of the best in human being. I strongly feel and believe that we should develop the understanding of the students which would enable them to learn and create their own versions of Knowledge as they go out in the world and face the challenges of life, take their own decisions and become confident enough to solve their problem on their own. This would make the present of our children wholesome, creative and enjoyable. Their learning should not confined to information that is required for a short span of time i.e. just for the examination and then is forgotten.

We in the school discourage rote methods and connect knowledge to life outside the classroom thus providing overall development of the children rather than concentrating just on the textbooks. 

Emphasis is laid on soft skills like behaviour, empathy, co-operation and interpersonal development. The objective being that the children learn to understand relationships between individuals within a group, acquire the skill of self-awareness and enhance the unique latent potential within. Focus is also laid on life skills such as critical thinking , decision making, problem solving, effective communication and to develop understanding which would enable moral values such as truthfulness, sincerity, respect for each other, elders, parents and teachers, courage, kindness, compassion are installed in the minds of students. They are also taught not to forget our culture, tradition and heritage.

The students are performing excellently in all the fields it may be academics, sports or performing arts and have brought laurel to the school. We are getting hundred percent results in our boards, the topper of our XII class, Prabhreet Kaur scored 95% marks and ten students of X CLASS SCORED 10cgpa in the CBSE exams.

I hope and wish our students to become successful in all fields of life and bring glory and pride to their country.