Excellence of an educational institution can be measured by its academic excellence. Educational Institutions are temples of knowledge and learning. With the introduction of CCE system education system has under gone a change. The emphasis has been shifted from rote learning to self learning. We have monitor the progress of each child in class through various tests, activities, assignments and through Formative and Summative assessments as well as in various co-scholastic areas. The all round performance has been very comprehensive and gives picture of the overall development of the children. These constant checks and balances have brought about an increase in the level ofself confidence among the students which later on is reflected in better grades and holistic development of our students. 

To make teaching learning more effective the following has been incorporated in our school in this session:

  • Smart class rooms in the school are making learning more child friendly and interactive.
  • As per CCE the students have to make projects in Science, to make working models. Students have been given science kits as science is learning by doing. Students do science activities in science labs.
  • To promote spoken English and help students to do better in English, English Language Lab has been established to enhance their listening and speaking skills.

Our students have brought laurels under the guidance of their teachers. At junior and middle wing students have shown excellent performance in academics by giving 100% result. Students were awarded prizes for their remarkable achievements. Our students have excelled in board exams both at secondary school as well as all India senior secondary school exams